About Us

Crystal Knockout is owned and operated by me (Candace) with help from my husband (Tyler) under my main brand known as Radiantly Vivacious. Originally created as a simple and small addition to the crystallized phone cases and accessories sold in my Radiantly Vivacious shop, Crystal Knockout has now grown to be an independent brand with its own identity and fans.

I run Crystal Knockout with many of the things I stand for in mind: self-empowerment, body positivity, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of mother nature. You'll see these themes carried heavily through our products, our images, and the promotional activities we choose to create and involve ourselves in.

More About Me: I'm a born-and-raised Florida girl with a degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. I'm a huge football fan (go Gators! go Dolphins!), a trained vocalist, a caffeine addict, an amateur computer techie, a multiple Chihuahua owner, and a dessert connoisseur. My loves include music, nature, animals, books, interior design, and astronomy. I hope to one day open my own event planning business to run alongside Crystal Knockout.

More About Tyler: Tyler is my husband; we met in high school as friends and have been together over 13 years. He's a retail manager who runs my former business Radiantly Vivacious on the side and also helps out with some Crystal Knockout responsibilities. His interests include food, football, music, and TV.