Welcome to Crystal Knockout!

We're so excited to finally be launching! After deciding to re-brand from DazzleGlaze late last year, the last few months have been a labor of love getting everything up and running. I thought re-branding would be relatively simple because it "wasn't like I was starting from scratch again", but it definitely proved to have its challenges! Ultimately though, seeing the finished product has been well worth it. Obviously the " full experience" isn't available yet (it will be in the next few weeks), but the site now gives you a great taste of what to expect from Crystal Knockout from here on out.

I want to take this opportunity to share about the decision to re-brand and what I want Crystal Knockout as a brand to really stand for. I started my nail polish line DazzleGlaze in 2013, as an addition to my crystallized accessories and event decor business (which my husband now runs so I can focus on Crystal K - thanks Tyler!). It was really just a fun hobby side business because I enjoyed doing it and it gave me the chance to play with color a lot more than making hundreds of white and crystal cake toppers. I really got sucked into the indie beauty community though and it blossomed into something more than I think I expected it to.

Last year, Tyler and I went through some financial hardships that really forced me to focus on my primary money maker, which was cake toppers (there will always be weddings!). During this time, DazzleGlaze kind of fell by the wayside - I only released one new collection the whole year and I stopped having time to connect with fans on my nail polish brand. At the same time (because I apparently really love feeling overloaded), I was toying around with developing a makeup line and had asked Tyler to draw up a logo for me based on some random keywords and images I had pulled for inspiration. Through this process, the Crystal Knockout logo was born (and was originally called Divine Knockout until I had a change of heart). The makeup line didn't pan out the way I wanted it to (I didn't really enjoy making the actual products), but I was still left with this beautiful logo and branding concept that I was in love with. After a lot of mulling it over (and I mean a lot, I'm a chronic over-thinker), I decided to ditch DazzleGlaze and move forward with Crystal Knockout. I named DazzleGlaze on a whim anyway (which was unusual for me) and it really only said "nail polish" to me, while I really wanted to move in a more lifestyle brand direction where I would be free to add new product types often without feeling restricted by my brand name. While I'm obviously nostalgic about leaving DazzleGlaze behind since it was part of my identity for over 3 years, I feel great about re-branding and the opportunities it has opened up.

As for what Crystal Knockout means to me, it's really the embodiment of the things I love and stand for in life. I can probably be best described as a new age, body positive feminist with a love for self-expression and creativity. I personally express myself through the things I wear, the makeup I put on, the music I listen to, and, of course, the work I do. I want Crystal Knockout to be a representation for all the women out there who are strong, creative, confident, and spiritual. That's what my tagline means - "made for the dauntless dollface in all of us". I hope to promote empowerment through my brand and I welcome any opportunities to partner with others interested in my causes.

The new day has come - long live Crystal Knockout!



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