Collection Launch: Fantasy Nymphs

The Fantasy Nymphs collection is available for pre-order now! This is a concept I had stored in my idea notebook for awhile and I thought it would be perfect for the first collection under the Crystal Knockout name. Nymphs are prominent in Greek mythology as nature deities; they are free-spirited with a love for dancing and singing, but could often have a mischievous streak. Some more commonly known nymphs are the dryads (trees), naiads (water), and pleiades (constellation).

Each shade in this collection represents a different aspect of nature, which is then paired with various terms for "woman" to create the name of the color.

Girl In the Trees (Dryad)

Meadow Maiden (Leimakid)

Queen of Storms (Hyade)

Riverbank Spirit (Potameide, a class of Naiad)

Lady Of the Valley (Auloniad)

Sunset Honey (Hesperide)

Beauty Of the Stars (Asteriae)

Cloud Daughter (Nephele)

All photos are credit to @polishednshined on Instagram (thanks Brandy!). Orders for this collection will start shipping on March 23rd.

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